Thursday, September 14, 2017

Our First Forest Kindergarten Adventure

We are excited to announce that our kindergarten will be participating in Forest Kindergarten this year!  What is Forest Kindergarten?  Forest Kindergarten is a chance for young children to play in nature, explore the natural world, and interact with each other in genuine and spontaneous ways.  

Two times a week, our classes will go out to the woods on our school property and be given time for free play and exploration.  This we went outside and our Antioch University Intern, Sarah, began teaching us to use our five senses.  The focus this time was on our hearing!

Mr. Paciulli Reads To Us

Every Wednesday Mr. Paciulli, our principal, comes in to read to the Kindergarteners.  It is such a wonderful time where the children not only get to spend quality time with him, but they also get to hear a book read aloud as well. Today he read a great summer counting book titled How Will We Get To The Beach?

Using Our Sense Of Sight In The Forest

Today our focus in the forest was on our sense of sight.  Sarah gave each student a colored paint chip and they were asked to look around the woods and find something that matched their color.  We realized that it is very easy to find the brown, green, yellow shades, but more difficult to find something that is pink or purple.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Fundations Fun!

We have started to pull more academics into our schedule.  We have been working with our names during star of the day.  It has been a great way to learn about one another.  We have started learning about the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make through a curriculum called FUNdations.  This program introduces anywhere from one to three letters per week.  It teaches each letter in a distinct sequence and with a letter name - keyword - sound.  We also work on being able to write each letter properly. We have learned one letter so far Tt - top - "t" and next week Bb - bat - "b" and Ff - fun - "f".  We are working on making sure that we clip the letter sounds short: "t" instead of "ta", this is VERY important!! 

Kindergarten Camp 2017

For three days in  June, we had Kindergarten Camp for the children in my classroom. It was such a wonderful opportunity to spend time getting to know one another.  The children had the opportunity to spend time touring the building and to play on the playground.  The theme of this years camp was flowers and planting.  We talked a lot about about becoming an Academy Star and created a beautiful flower garden bulletin board for outside our classroom.  Everyone had a great time!

Maple Tree Through the Seasons

This week we went out into our school garden to look at the great maple tree that we are observing over the course of the year.  We can actually see this tree from our classroom window. We did our observational picture that will become part of a special book we are making.  We have been spending lots of time talking about things we wear and do during summertime.

Star Of The Day

Star of the Day"!!!   This person is treated like a star for the day.  We interview the star to find out how old they are, what they like to eat, their favorite color and to find out something that they like to play.  This person gets to wear a star necklace and be the line leader for the whole day.  The other part of being the star is that we focus on that student's name.  We look at how many letters are in their name, what letter is in the beginning, what is at the end and we try to name other objects that start with the same letter sound.  We also sing to the star (to the tune of "Twinkle, twinkle little star"): "Special, special, special star.  How we wonder who you are. ___________ are you here today? Stand up tall and then we'll say.....welcome, welcome special star we're so glad your who you are!"  The most fun is when we cheer that child's name as loud as we can! This is a great activity for the beginning of the year to get to know each student and for literacy awareness.  The kids are excited to see who will be the next STAR!

Choice Time Fun!

Every day we have a half an hour block of time called Choice Time.  During this time, the Kindergarteners are given many different opportunities to have fun, but also to practice some of their new skills.

First Day of Kindergarten

We had a terrific first day of Kindergarten!  Coming to Kindergarten Camp seemed to help many of the children feel more comfortable with their teachers and being at school.  We did lots of talking about the expectations of Kindergarten and what it looks like to be an Academy "STAR" (S=sit up straight, T=track the speaker, A=ask and answer questions by raising your hand and R=respect those around you).  There was lots of time on the playground, we took a tour of the school and learned about the different materials in our room.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Welcome To Kindergarten!

In a couple months, school will begin again and I will be welcoming a new Kindergarten class.  The beginning of school is always such an exciting time!  If you look through this blog, you will see that our days will be full of fun and learning!  There is also lots of helpful information, just in case you might have some questions. Once I have parent permission, I will be updating the blog to include new photos from our camp in June.

Memorial Park Trip!

We had a great trip to the Memorial Park!  It was a beautiful sunny day with a very nice breeze. We had such fun playing on the structure, basketball and lots of other fun things.  We enjoyed our picnic lunches and had a fun time together.  We all had such a great time!

Friday, June 9, 2017

We Love You Mr. B!

Many times over the course of the year Mr. B came into and read to our class.  After years as a classroom teacher, Mr. B has retired from Academy School, but still makes time to spend here.  He brings in wonderful stories to read and this week he brought in his ukulele to play a tune for us.  We look forward to his visits each week!

Lilac Ridge Field Trips

We had two great trips to Lilac Ridge Farm to work with Farmer Amanda!  One day was beautiful, the other day not so much! We had a chance to tour the farm stand and sample lots of different vegetables growing on the farm.  We brought back to school plants to bring home. Another time we learned all about cows from Farmer Amanda. We learned about how cows make milk and how the milk gets from the cows to be made into a dairy product.  They were both great trips!

We Went To BEEC!

Last week we went to the Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center to learn how to build forts in the woods.  All three Kindergarten classes were given the job of creating a fort to keep them safe from an oncoming storm (there was a made up scenario that the students were working on).  They did such an amazing job!  I was so impressed by their teamwork and perseverance to complete their fort. Awesome job Kindergarteners!

Kindergarten Celebration Night 2017

Wednesday night we had a wonderful time celebrating our school year with all of our Kindergarten friends!  Everyone looked so cute and did a wonderful job singing for their parents!  Congratulations!  (unfortunately the pictures I have include someone who can't be on the blog🙃)

County Fair Day 2017

We had a fantastic time at County Fair Day!  There were so many things to see and do that I was unable to take pictures of everyone!  We are so proud of Mr. Paciulli for learning to fly an airplane. WOW!!! Such an amazing example of determination and going after your goals. We had so much fun!!!

So Many Secret Readers....So Much Fun!!

Over the last several weeks, we have had many secret readers come in!  It has been such a wonderful year full of fun readers and new books.  I truly appreciate everyone taking time out of their busy schedules to be (or arrange) secret readers for your child!


I just wanted to let everyone know that I realize I am very behind on posting pictures!  Yikes!!  I have been having some technical difficulties, but I am hoping that those are fixed.  Thanks for being patient!

Friday, April 14, 2017

ASCD Conference

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the ASCD conference in Anaheim, California with our principal Mr. Paciulli and a group of my colleagues.  We had the amazing fortune of hearing experts in the field of education speak and network with educators from across the country.

Another Visit From BEEC

Joan from BEEC, Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center, came in and worked with our Kindergarten around the science topic pushes and pulls. They looked at the ways that animals use pushes and pulls in their environment.  The kids did many fun science experiments!

Another Great Secret Reader!

We had another really fun secret reader the other day!  This mom read the book The Cat In The Hat by Dr. Seuss.  It is such a classic story.  The Kindergarteners loved it!  Thank you so much for coming to read to us!