Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Visit to the Fire Station

We had a great trip to the West Brattleboro Fire Station !  The firefighter greeted us at the door and showed us all of the supplies on the truck. He also talked to us about fire safety. The kids were told that if they were ever trapped in their bedrooms during a fire, they should open their window and throw stuffed animals down and yell.  I thought that was a great tip!  He put on his gear to show the kids what he looked like with his gear on so that if they ever saw a firefighter during a fire they would not be scared.  We went upstairs and saw where the firefighters "live" when they are not responding to a call. The highlight of the trip was the opportunity to get into the fire truck. We learned so many new things on this trip!

Firefighter Paul and his Kindergarten Crew (love our new hats!)

Remember not to be afraid when you see a firefighter

Looking at the tools on the fire truck

Looking at the lights on the fire truck

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  1. I have been hearing all about the fire trip, what to do if there is a fire, and a daily count of our smoke detectors.