Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Teddy Bear Tea

Last Tuesday we had teddy bear tea at Academy School!  It was so much fun!  Lots of incoming Kindergarten students came with their preschools or parents. All of the Academy School students were invited to bring their stuffed animals to school for all school sing.  We sang lots of bear songs and enjoyed such a fun time.

here we are at all school sing

Mr. Speranza.....

and the all school sing band

Mr. Paciuilli reading to the preschoolers

Frogs, frogs, frogs

We had our final Four Winds science lesson of the year and it was all about frogs.  The class had a great time watching a puppet show about the life cycle of different frogs, watching a powerpoint and hearing the different sounds each frog makes.  At the end of the lesson they had learned so much that they were able to sequence a frog life cycle as a group.  Huge thanks goes out to Debbie Taggard who was our Four Winds volunteer teacher this year!

Skeleton Lesson

Vicky from the Brattleboro Food Co-Op came in to talk about our bones and skeleton.  We looked at bones from different animals, talked about our own skeleton and how to keep our bones healthy. Vicky will be back in one more time to do a fun activity with us!

how tall are you?

putting together a skeleton puzzle

looking at real bones

Friday, May 9, 2014

Our Trip To Lilac Ridge Farm

We had a great trip to Lilac Ridge Farm to work with Farmer Amanda.  The rain held off just long enough for us to get our trip in. We had a chance to tour the farm stand and sampled lots of different vegetables growing on the farm.  We had a chance to plant some seeds that we left to grow in Farmer Amanda's greenhouse. We also transplanted either Kale or Broccoli to plants to take home. We had a wonderful time!
Lilac Ridge Farm!!

We got a chance to hold their new kitty named Mouse.

Looking at the plants

Taking a piece to eat

Yummy lettuce!

Walking through the field with Farmer Amanda

Planting our seeds

Listening to Farmer Amanda talk about how to care for our plants

our plants

Happy Mother's Day!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish all the moms in my class a Happy Mother's Day!  Here is a sneak peak behind the scenes of our gifts to you! Your children worked very hard to create a special gift for you!

Fun Outdoors With Our Big Kids

The weather was beautiful yesterday so we were able to spend time outdoors! We went outside with our big kids buddies in 6th grade to play some group tag games.  It was so much fun!

Love these two little girls!

Smile for the camera!

Secret Reader

Today we had a mom come in as our secret reader.  She read the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault. It has become such a favorite of children in Kindergarten. Thank you for coming in to read to us!

Hard At Work During Shine Time

Three times per week we have an enrichment/intervention block that we call Kindergarten Shine Time.  A time when all of the Kindergarten Academy Stars have a chance to shine.  I could not resist taking this picture of my group hard at work "writing around the room".  They wrote down all of the words that they were able to read, it was just so cute!

hard at work writing down the words on our word wall

Anatomy Aprons

Last week we finished up our study of the human body.  We learned about our five senses, the importance of our skeleton and different organs inside our body.  We created these anatomy aprons over the course of our unit.  The kindergarteners have learned so much about how their body works and ways to keep their bodies healthy.

Learning About Digestion

Vicky, from the Brattleboro Food Co-Op, came in again on Wednesday to teach us more about digestion.  We have been learning about our organs and recently our focus has been on the small and large intestine.  Vicky brought in a model of the intestines and we had to work together to push food from the stomach through both intestines. Great hands on learning!

Slapstick Science Presentation

A week ago we attended an excellent science show by Dr. Quinton Quark from Slapstick Science.  It was a very funny educational presentation about physics...how to do "much work with little effort".  He taught the children about energy sources, friction, levers, pulleys, simple machines, etc.  Dr. Quark, who was dressed as a very funny scientist,  included the whole audience in his program even Mr. Paciulli!!