Friday, April 25, 2014

A Visit From The Brattleboro Food Co-Op

Wednesday Vicki came to visit from the Brattleboro Food Co-op for the first of three visits to work with the Kindergartners around healthy eating.  Today the focus was on "eating a rainbow". Instead of looking at healthy food as part of one of the food groups, you can look at them based on their color.  She stressed the importance of eating healthy food of all colors.  They did a sorting activity with pretend food and had a delicious snack.

sorting food based on color

reading a book about food

Earth Day

On Tuesday we celebrated Earth Day in our classroom.  We learned about ways to keep the earth healthy by recycling reducing and reusing.  The students really enjoyed sharing ways that they could think of to help out around their house and at school.  Each child created an earth out of torn paper and then wrote their wish for the earth.  They were so thoughtful with their wishes!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

An Exciting Email

We got an email last week while we were on vacation.  She also sent us an illustration of Eddie and Dog eating spaghetti. It was very exciting to hear from a real author....

Hello Mrs Parzych, and all your kindergarten class.

I came across your blog while I was googling some book reviews, and I just wanted to stop by and say how lovely it was to see the children enjoying "Eddie and Dog". And what a great idea to have a secret reader visit!
It's my very first picture book, so it is especially nice for me to see people enjoying it - and to see Eddie and Dog traveling thousands of miles! Hope you liked it,

Best wishes

Alison (Brown)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Our First Grade Friends Visited

Today the first graders (who were in my kindergarten class last year) came back to read to us.  It was wonderful!  They have become such good readers!  They did a great job of telling the Kindergarteners all of the things they like about first grade and we enjoyed a special snack together.  We had fun dancing to the Happy Song too!  It was a fun time!

Secret Reader

We had a great time having a grammie come in to read last week.  We love having secret readers surprise us!