Friday, March 28, 2014

Birthday Boy Secret Reader

Today we had a grandmother who came all the way from New Jersey to be our secret reader.  She was coming to town to celebrate her grandson's birthday so it was the perfect way to begin a fun birthday weekend.  She read the book Eddie and Dog by Alison Brown.  It is a book about a little boy who is looking for a friend who likes adventure and then he meets Dog.  It is a new book this year.  Such a cute story!

Secret Reader!

March Four Winds

Today our Four Winds volunteer came in to teach us about birds.  We watched a puppet show and a slide show to learn all about how different birds make various types of nests.  We look forward to our monthly visit to learn more about the science happening in our own backyard.

learning about different kinds of birds and nests

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Saying Good-bye....

Today we said good-bye to our favorite set of Kindergarten twins.  They will be missed so much, but we know that they are going on an amazing journey. We made them books titled Remember When that include hand drawn pictures of all of the fun memories we have made this year.  We also watched the movie Frozen and had ice cream sandwiches.

Monday, March 24, 2014

African Drumming Performance

Academy School enjoyed a fabulous African drumming performance thanks to all of the Box Tops they have collected this year!  It was amazing!  If you have Box Tops at home, make sure to send them in!

Wonderful performers!

Our friend got invited to go up front and dance

The staff even got a chance to dance!

While I Was Gone...

While I was gone the Kindergarteners, with Tish and Stephanie's help) created two beautiful spring displays.  They painted their hands and feet to decorate our window with butterflies and flowers.  In the hallway, they created a bulletin board all about things that remind them of spring.  I love both of them! What a fantastic surprise to come back to!
our new spring bulletin board

butterflies and flowers

ASCD Conference 2014

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Los Angeles, California to present at the ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) conference with Mr. Paciulli and Mrs. Schultz.  Our presentation titled Inspiring, Motivating and Preparing All Students For Success in Today's World was all about the amazing turn around our school has made over the last seven years.  I am so proud to teach Kindergarten at such an amazing school!

Mrs. Schultz and myself

Monday, March 3, 2014

Surprise Secret Reader

Today we had an uncle be our secret reader.  He came all the way from sunny Florida to visit his family in the Northeast.  We were very interested to hear about where he lives.  He read the book I Was Born To Be A Big Sister by Akaela S. Michels-Gualtieri.  It was a great story!