Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our Fire Station Trip

We had a great trip to the West Brattleboro Fire Station !  The firefighters greeted us at the door and showed us all of the supplies on the truck. One of the things they showed us on their fire truck was equipment to help a pet if they are ever in a fire. They also talked to us about fire safety.  One firefighter put on his gear to show the kids what he looked like with his gear on so that if they ever saw a firefighter during a fire they would not be scared.  The highlight of the trip was the opportunity to sit in a fire truck. We learned so many new things on this trip!

Our class with Firefighter Marty and Firefighter Tom

Sitting in the truck

Safety gear for pets

Getting in the truck

There are lots of things to look at on the truck.

Shovels, picks, cutters...oh my!

Firefighter Tom in his full gear

Amazed Kindergarteners

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