Monday, November 25, 2013

Stone Soup Celebration

Thank you to everyone for making our Stone Soup celebration such a success!  They worked so hard on organizing the event (invitations, hats, ingredients, etc) and the play and it was a great afternoon!  The Kindergarteners have been so looking forward to this day and I think everyone had a great time!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Stone Soup Celebration

We are ready for our big performance!

Enjoying our delicious soup!

Monday, November 18, 2013

What I Am Grateful For.....

As Thanksgiving draws near, our thoughts turn towards what we are thankful for.  As a whole school, we are creating banners titled "What I Am Grateful For...". The Kindergarteners thought about what they were thankful for and we wrote it on a leaf.  We colored them, cut them out and hung them on the K banner.  Our friends from the other classes will add theirs soon!

So Many Things To Be Thankful For!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our Fire Station Trip

We had a great trip to the West Brattleboro Fire Station !  The firefighters greeted us at the door and showed us all of the supplies on the truck. One of the things they showed us on their fire truck was equipment to help a pet if they are ever in a fire. They also talked to us about fire safety.  One firefighter put on his gear to show the kids what he looked like with his gear on so that if they ever saw a firefighter during a fire they would not be scared.  The highlight of the trip was the opportunity to sit in a fire truck. We learned so many new things on this trip!

Our class with Firefighter Marty and Firefighter Tom

Sitting in the truck

Safety gear for pets

Getting in the truck

There are lots of things to look at on the truck.

Shovels, picks, cutters...oh my!

Firefighter Tom in his full gear

Amazed Kindergarteners

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kindergarten Fire Station #1

We began our month long study of community helpers this week.  Our focus currently is on firefighters and fire safety.  In addition to reading many non-fiction and fiction books about these topics, we opened Kindergarten Fire Station #1 in our dramatic play area.  Using real jackets and helmets, the Kindergartners fight pretend fires that "pop up" around the room.  It is so cute!  This is a very popular choice!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sgt. Carignan Visits Kindergarten

Our month long study of community helpers began today with a visit from Sgt. Mark Carignan from the Brattleboro Police Department.  The children were thrilled to learn all about what he does at work. Sgt. Carignan also showed the Kindergarteners all of the tools he has on his belt and talked about how he uses each one of them.  We were so lucky to have him join us for part of the morning.  The Kindergarteners loved having him visit!

Sgt. Carignan Talking With The Kindergarteners

Showing Us The Tools On His Belt

Halloween Fun!

Last Thursday, we celebrated Halloween at Academy School!  We walked in a parade across the street to Melrose Terrace to show off our fabulous costumes and to get a little treat from the residents who live there.  Upon returning to school, we walked around and looked at all of the Pumpkin Decorating Contest displays.  There were so many fabulous ones then we went back to the classroom and had a healthy snack. It was so much fun!

Happy Halloween!

Parade Fun!

The Girls

The Boys

Going Batty!

This past week we created these cute bat hats!  The children worked hard to carefully cut out all of the pieces!  They did such a great job! Also, we read a non-fiction book about bats and created a scholastic take home book about bats. Such a cute group photo!

Behind The Scenes...Pumpkin Contest!

Last week Academy School had a pumpkin decorating was so much fun!  Our class searched the internet for 2 weeks before finally deciding on our class theme. The Kindergarteners worked so hard on their idea and it came out great!  Even though we did not win, I am so proud of the effort they put in to create such a beautiful display.

Once Upon A Time By The Light Of The Moon Lived 20 Little Mice...
Painting Our Pumpkins
Our Little Mice

Look what I found!

Scooping out the seeds


Drilling the Holes In Our "Cheese"

Looking At Our Display

Some Very Proud Kindergarteners