Friday, May 24, 2013

Our Trip To Lilac Ridge Farm

We had a great trip to Lilac Ridge Farm to work with Farmer Amanda.  The rain held off just long enough for us to get our trip in. We had a chance to tour the farm stand and sample lots of different vegetables growing on the farm.  We brought back to school Nasturtiums or Cucumber plants to take home. We had a wonderful time!

Waiting for Farmer Amanda

Looking around the farm stand

Looking that the tomato plants

Feeding Lily the rabbit

Out in the fields

Inside the green house

Doing our own planting

We got to bring plants home!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Welcoming Back Our First Grade Readers

On Thursday, we welcomed back our former Kindergarteners (now BIG first graders) to come read to us!  They have done such a wonderful job in first grade and have learned so much!  They each were able to read to several Kindergarteners during this time. At the end of their visit, we had a question and answer session about what life is like in first grade.  Some of the questions were... "Is it hard to be a first grader?", "What kinds of things do you do in first grade?" and "Do you like to read?" It was so great to have time with our first grade experts!

Climbing High

Academy School is lucky enough to have an amazing rock wall.  My Kindergarteners were given the opportunity in physical education class, if they wanted to, to wear a special harness and climb up the wall as high as they wanted!  Their classmates cheered for them and this seemed to give them more confidence as they got higher up on the wall. This was such a thrill for them!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pizza Party!!!

After months of teamwork, determination and thousands of laps walked around the school, the Kindergarteners were so excited to go on a field trip to West Brattleboro Pizza with Nurse Amy and Mr. Johnson for lunch.  Everyone had such a fabulous time enjoying their lunch with their friends and some of their favorite adults. Many children told me that "this was the BEST day of Kindergarten ever!"

Friday, May 3, 2013

Anatomy Aprons

This week we finished up our study of the human body.  We learned about our five senses, the importance of our skeleton and different organs inside our body.  We created these anatomy aprons over the course of our unit.  The kindergarteners have learned so much about how their body works and ways to keep their bodies healthy.

Secret Reader Time!

Our secret reader was Travis!  He is her Daddy's best friend and someone who is special in her life.  He read the book Nan, Nan The Nantucket Cat by Peter Barnes and Cheryl Shaw Barnes. It was a great story!

Nurse Amy Helps Us Learn About Poisons

Nurse Amy came and talked with all of the Kindergarten classes about poisons that may be around our homes. These things are common household or outdoor items that parents use everyday, but can be dangerous for young children.  We learned to stay away from these items and how to read some common warning signs that might be on containers.

Vicky Comes For Another visit

Vicky came to visit us from the Co-Op.  She helped us learn about the process of digestion.