Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jelly Bean Math

Today we did a fun math activity....graphing jelly beans!  The kindergarteners were asked to take the jelly beans out of their paper cup and graph them according to color.  Some comments I heard were "This is the best Easter ever!" and "I love this math!"  They took the jelly beans home to share with their family.

Marbleized Eggs

Our class is doing a great project called marbleized eggs.  They cut out a paper egg shape and put it in the bottom of a box.  Then, we put marbles and paint into an old shirt box and let them shake.  In the end, a beautiful swirled egg appears.  It is so much fun!!

Shake, shake, shake!

the finished project

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

String Art

The last couple of weeks we have made some really cool pictures using string to paint with.  All of the art work came out beautiful and unique...which makes them all fantastic!


I was lucky enough to attend the ASCD conference in Chicago, Illinois a couple weeks ago with a group of teachers and administrators from my school.  I took these pictures so my students could see what a big city looks like!

They dye the river green for St. Patrick's Day!

Navy Pier


Cool sculpture

Look how big the buildings are!

Tapping A Tree

We were so lucky to have Heidi's dad come in and tap a maple tree for us out in the courtyard.  We were able to watch him drill the hole and put in the tap.  We had to hang the bucket up really quickly because the sap started to run right out!

eagerly wanting to see the sap

Special Secret Reader

We had a special secret reader come into our classroom...a former Kindergartener!  He came in to be a secret reader for his friend.  He read the book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.  It was so much fun to have him back with us, if only for a short time!