Thursday, September 20, 2012

Butterflies Hats

Today we created these cute monarch butterfly hats! They came out so CUTE! We finishing up our study of butterflies and will begin learning about apples. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kindergarteners Love Math!

Each afternoon we have math time using the TERC Investigations math program.  We have been spending the first few days learning and using the many different manipulatives that we will be using over the course of the year.  The children are enjoying using these materials!  There have been some wonderful creations made!

sorting Teddy Bear counters

building with Geoblocks

creating designs with pattern blocks

lots of fun with snap cubes

Friday, September 14, 2012


One of the tools that we will using this year to learn is our SMARTboard.  This technology allows the children to interact with the material that is being presented to them in ways that could only be imagined a few years ago.  We have been spending time learning about how it works and feeling comfortable with using it.  The children LOVE it!

Here is one of my Kindergarteners experimenting on the SMARTboard

Monday, September 10, 2012

Our First Full Day of Kindergarten

Today was our first full day of Kindergarten!  After having two weeks of half days, we were able to have the children spend a whole day with us.  The first day was very busy with many new things to learn and experience.  This afternoon they had music class for the first time with Mrs. Corey.  She sang songs and also introduced us to two musical instruments - a xylophone and a recorder.

Playing the xylophone!

Our First Story with Mr. Paciulli

Every Thursday Mr. Paciulli, our principal, comes in to read to the Kindergarteners.  It is such a wonderful time where the children not only get to spend quality time with him, but they also get to hear a book read aloud as well.  For the first story of the year, Mr. Paciulli read the book How Will We Get To The Beach?  by Brigitte Luciani.

Fun On The Playground

We are so fortunate at Academy School to have a beautiful, large playground.  We spend time outside everyday enjoying time with our friends and using up some of our extra energy!  It is definitely one of the highlights of our day!

First Day of Kindergarten

We had a fantastic first day of Kindergarten!  Coming to Kindergarten Camp seemed to help many of the children feel more comfortable with their teachers and being at school.  We did lots of talking about the expectations of Kindergarten and what it looks like to be an Academy "STAR" (S=sit up straight, T=track the speaker, A=ask and answer questions by raising your hand and R=respect those around you).  There was lots of time on the playground, we took a tour of the school and learned about the different materials in our room. 

Kindergarten Camp

For three days June, we had Kindergarten Camp for the children in my classroom. It was such a wonderful opportunity to spend time getting to know one another.  The children had the opportunity to spend time touring the building and to play on the playground.  The theme for camp this year was insects.  We read lots of books and created a beautiful ladybug bulletin board for outside our classroom.  Everyone had a great time!

Kindergarten Camp!

Painting the sky for our mural

Finger painting ladybugs

Putting the ladybugs together

Our finished product - it is so beautiful!