Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winter Walking Program

Our class (along with the rest of Academy School) has been busy walking laps around the building for our Winter Walking Program.  We are working very hard to walk as many laps as we can in hopes of winning the grand prize - a walking field trip to have a pizza party with Mr. Johnson! We have walked over 700 laps since the program started! Whether we win or lose this program has so many positive aspects.  Our class has shown such wonderful teamwork in coming together to attain their goal of winning. Physically, they are getting much stronger!  Two weeks ago they could hardly walk around the building and now they are running.  I am so impressed by their determination and spirit!  They impress me every day and I am just so proud to be their teacher!
Nurse Amy and some very proud Kindergartners

Nurse Amy hanging our feet on our lap poster

Every foot = 20 laps!  We have over 700 laps!

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