Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gingerbread Fun Day

The week before holiday break is always such a fun time!  We started our day by going to holiday school sing - we had a great time singing and dancing!  We came back and did a great Gingerbread literacy activity that I found on the internet - the children hunted around the room for little gingerbread men that had either a "real word" or a "nonsense word" on it and recorded their results.  These are all 3 letter words that they are able to sound out using the skills that they have been learning this semester.  It was so much fun that they want to do it again another day!!  They also finished up coloring in a gingerbread story to take home to share with their family!
talking about some of the words we found

you  never know where you might find a word!

deep in thought!

lots of hard work being done on our gingerbread books

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