Monday, November 7, 2011

What's new in math?

For the last few weeks, we having been working on Unit 2 of the Investigations program: Counting and Comparing.  We have been working hard on learning to write our numbers 0-9 and matching the quantities with those numerals. We also have done lots and lots of counting!  During math time, we have a short mini lesson and then work on activities at the tables.  The mini lesson was called Today's question.  The question was "Would you rather eat apples or grapes?" We each had a chance to answer the question and then we looked at the data.  I thought it would be fun to have a "Today's question" section on the blog to see if we could gather some data. Please answer the question so we can collect data to use.
Today's Question: Would you rather eat apples or grapes?

I am going to put my picture under apples.

Measurement Table: measure objects to see if they are longer or shorter than 10 cubes

Build it: turn over a number card and build that quantity

Roll and Record: roll the dice and write down the number

Counting Jar: count and record how many items are in the jar

Inventory Bags:  count how many objects are in the bag and record the information

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