Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Technology Learning

Today the Kindergarteners were introduced to the iPad!  It was so exciting!  Many of the children said that they knew someone who had one or knew someone who wanted one for a present.  I did a demonstration lesson to small groups of children on the proper way to use the iPads (clean hands, turning it on and off, terminology, etc.) Then, I introduced them to our first app of the year .... Drawing Pad!  It is such a fantastic app!  It gave them the opportunity to not only be creative, but to practice some of the new skills that had just been taught. The introduction of technology in Kindergarten is part of our curriculum. Each week there will be an opportunity for the Kindergarteners to be taught an iPad lesson and then a separate time for them to use the iPads of their own free choice.  I am hopeful in the next few weeks that their works of art will be able to be shared on the blog!

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