Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Fun!

Today was a great day!  Lots learning and fun!  We learned two new letters today Aa and Cc. This led us to our two new vocabulary words for the day "vowels and consonants". It was a great discovery to find that all of our names had vowels in them!

hard at work!
 For snack we sample red, yellow and green apples and decided what our favorite was.  We made a graph to compile our results - 7 Kindergarteners liked red, 5 liked yellow and 4 liked green apples. 

delicious apples!
There was also apple printing and I painted each child's hand and arm with brown paint for our next art project.  They were so cute when I did it - lots of giggles!!

apple print patterns

lots of giggles!

This afternoon in music the kids got a chance to play instruments and march around like they were in a real band! 

fun playing instruments!
Pep Rally pictures will follow soon!!  We can't wait to go and cheer on big kid friends!

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