Friday, October 7, 2011


Every day that goes by I am seeing such growth in the Kindergarteners!  The pride that they are showing in learning can sometimes be over looked by others who don't remember how hard it is to learn new things. Our two new letters this week were Cc and Aa.  Those letters seem like they would be so easy to write, but really they are not. Cc is a "magic letter" and if you can write it properly, you can write so many other letters of the alphabet.  Through lots of hard work and practice by the Kindergarteners they were not only able to write those letters, but they have learned to write the words "cat" and "cab".  We were so proud of our accomplishments, that we had a parade to celebrate! They have learned this week that Academy Stars say "I CAN DO IT!"

Look at us! We CAN do it!

"Look at my writing!"

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