Friday, September 30, 2011

Our trip to Green Mountain Orchard

Today was our field trip to Green Mountain Orchard in Putney.  We had the BEST time!!  There were so many things to do and see.  We had a cider doughnut and apple cider for snack.  We made apple cider using an old fashioned press and our big Kindergarten muscles! We took a hike around the orchard, visited the horses, had a picnic lunch and picked out a small pumpkin/ gourd to bring home. We had fun picking lots and lots of apples!  Enjoy them, they are delicious!  Thank you so much to all the parents and siblings that went with us.  It was a terrific day!

Here we are when we arrived at the orchard!

enjoying a delicious snack!
we love this snack!

making apple cider with a press

It tasted delicious!

see how many apples we picked

fun times with friends

having fun picking apples

there are so many apples on these trees

my bag is heavy!


our new friend

lunch time!

We are hungry!

here are our pumpkins - big and small!

we had the BEST day!

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