Friday, June 9, 2017

We Love You Mr. B!

Many times over the course of the year Mr. B came into and read to our class.  After years as a classroom teacher, Mr. B has retired from Academy School, but still makes time to spend here.  He brings in wonderful stories to read and this week he brought in his ukulele to play a tune for us.  We look forward to his visits each week!

Lilac Ridge Field Trips

We had two great trips to Lilac Ridge Farm to work with Farmer Amanda!  One day was beautiful, the other day not so much! We had a chance to tour the farm stand and sample lots of different vegetables growing on the farm.  We brought back to school plants to bring home. Another time we learned all about cows from Farmer Amanda. We learned about how cows make milk and how the milk gets from the cows to be made into a dairy product.  They were both great trips!

We Went To BEEC!

Last week we went to the Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center to learn how to build forts in the woods.  All three Kindergarten classes were given the job of creating a fort to keep them safe from an oncoming storm (there was a made up scenario that the students were working on).  They did such an amazing job!  I was so impressed by their teamwork and perseverance to complete their fort. Awesome job Kindergarteners!

Kindergarten Celebration Night 2017

Wednesday night we had a wonderful time celebrating our school year with all of our Kindergarten friends!  Everyone looked so cute and did a wonderful job singing for their parents!  Congratulations!  (unfortunately the pictures I have include someone who can't be on the blog🙃)

County Fair Day 2017

We had a fantastic time at County Fair Day!  There were so many things to see and do that I was unable to take pictures of everyone!  We are so proud of Mr. Paciulli for learning to fly an airplane. WOW!!! Such an amazing example of determination and going after your goals. We had so much fun!!!

So Many Secret Readers....So Much Fun!!

Over the last several weeks, we have had many secret readers come in!  It has been such a wonderful year full of fun readers and new books.  I truly appreciate everyone taking time out of their busy schedules to be (or arrange) secret readers for your child!


I just wanted to let everyone know that I realize I am very behind on posting pictures!  Yikes!!  I have been having some technical difficulties, but I am hoping that those are fixed.  Thanks for being patient!