Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Behind The Scenes: Holiday Card Making

Each child made a beautiful holiday card for their family and wrote them a special message inside!

Glitter, Glitter, Glitter....... Everywhere

Ornament making session with the Kindergarteners!!!  They took pinecones, glue and tons of glitter and made the most beautiful ornaments to bring home to their families! And yes....the glitter is really everywhere!!

Gingerbread STEM Project

This month the Kindergarteners were introduced to the story of The Gingerbread Man.  We spent lots of time reading and rereading the traditional version of this story.  We created charts looking at the setting, characters, problem and solution as well as the beginning, middle and end. The problem in this story is that the Gingerbread Man ran away from the old woman and old man.  As a group, we decided to try to catch him.  Then, we watched a video about two children trying to "trap" a cat so they could give it a bath. This video helped us think about the best ways to make a trap to capture the Gingerbread Man.  Lots of work went into this STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) project!  It was amazing!

Making Cookies For The Animals

Sarah completed her internship with a week of solo teaching which included a great project!  She combined our love of the woods and helping animals prepare for the winter.  The class worked together to make birdseed cookies to hang in the woods for the animals.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Stone Soup Celebration

Thank you to everyone for making our Stone Soup celebration such a success!  They worked so hard on organizing the event (invitations, hats, ingredients, etc) and it was a great afternoon!  The Kindergarteners have been so looking forward to this day and I think everyone had a great time!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Captain Carignan Visits Us

Our month long study of community helpers continued  with a visit from Captain Mark Carignan from the Brattleboro Police Department.  The children were thrilled to learn all about what he does at work - there were lots of questions! Captain Carignan also showed the Kindergarteners all of the tools he has on his belt and talked about how he uses each one of them. He stressed to them the importance of school and how reading and writing is a big part of his job. We were so lucky to have him join us for part of the morning.  The Kindergarteners loved having him visit!

Vermont State Police Visit

John Waitekus from the Vermont State Police came to our classroom to talk about being a police officer.  We were able to ask him lots of questions about how he became an officer and what skills he needed.  The highlight of his time with us was being able to sit in his new cruiser and see all the things inside.