Thursday, January 18, 2018

Breakfast After The Bell

“Breakfast After the Bell” has been going great! All kindergartners are provided breakfast in the classroom each morning.  Students do not have to chose between playing on the playground or eating breakfast and they will not miss out on valuable learning time while eating breakfast. 

Forest Kindergarten: Winter Edition

The weather finally warmed up a little this week for us to get outdoors in the woods.  The children loved being able to explore this familiar environment with the new addition of snow.  They had a great time!

Cooking With Bonny: Fruit Smoothie and Salsa

Our Kindergarten is participating in University of Vermont Extension’s Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) Book-in-Bag series, a nutrition and literacy program offered free through your child’s school. If your child is like many others who have participated throughout Vermont, he or she will want to talk about the books and activities, and try some of the affordable recipes at home. Many kids discover that they like fruits and vegetables they haven’t tried before. We hope you’ll have fun with this. Here’s what you can expect. Book-in-Bag is a series of six weekly nutrition lessons and activities that promote healthy food and activity choices for young elementary school students, while enhancing literacy and comprehension skills. Each meeting we will read a story book and prepare simple recipes that may enhance their exposure to new or different foods. You may want to ask your child what they prepared in class and look for recipes in their backpack.

Trouble Getting Pictures On The Blog

Sorry about the lack of updates lately!  I have been having a hard time getting pictures onto the blog, so I have decided just to post updates in word form and update with pictures when I am able.  Thanks for understanding!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Special Gingerbread Man Read Aloud

Mr. Paciulli and Mrs. Dias read the story Gingerbread Man to all of the Kindergarteners at Academy School.  They also brought in a special treat.... gingerbread cookies!!  They were delicious! Have a wonderful holiday break!!

Our First Secret Reader Of The Year

Monday we had our first secret reader of the year and it was a huge surprise!!  An aunt came all the way from Virginia to read us the book Build, Dog, Build by James Horvath.  This book is a favorite book of her nephew's and the class loved it!

Holiday Fun

This week we had so much fun!  We did so many fantastic things! Each day brought something wonderful and special for us to do! The other day we made reindeer hats and wore them to all school sing with out jingle bell necklaces. Tomorrow is pajama day! We watched holiday movies and just had a great time together!!  Enjoy the holidays!